Capital City Vineyard meets for worship at 10am every Sunday.

Our weekly worship gatherings are contemporary, casual, authentic and passionate, but most of all, we’re about relationships. We believe that 'church' is not a bulding or a place... it's a community of God's people united by faith and compelled to live out a shared mission.

As the toll of broken relationships in our culture continues to climb, many people feel a desire for spiritual reality and for meaningful community. Yet sadly, many also feel that church has lost its relevance to their lives. Our conviction is that people’s hopes of finding spiritual reality and meaningful community aren't meant to come up empty. For that reason, our mission at CCV is

Deepening relationships upward, inward & outward.

As followers of Jesus, having His Spirit at work in our lives, we've found that our relationships can truly be filled with love, joy, peace, and grace. So if you’re hungry for a true sense of meaning and belonging in life, come pay us a visit! We would love to meet you and help you connect with us further.

Our weekly worship gatherings are on Sundays at 10am, at our Ministry Center located in East Lansing, about 1 mile north-west of Michigan State University.


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